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My journey started in Aug 2010 and was a terrible ordeal with complications of surgery (Almost didn't make it due to a crazy infection and abscess)in and out of the hospital for about six weeks and then about a year on Mitotane. I have been cancer free since the surgery and now get CT and blood checks every six months instead of three. It is hard living life in three month pieces. Anyway, I try to stay "normal" every day, but it is a new normal. Now that I've been free of cancer and there is amazingly no reoccurrance of tumor I am happier but different. There are some people that did not want to stay with me through this time. I need to continually adapt to the new kinder gentler me, LOL...less swagger, but more smiles? I even took up ballroom dance, what a hoot! Here's to living life well and moving on...one day at a time all and to hell with the really tough days, we all have 'em. YOLO: You only live once!

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Ray (ray)


January 31, 2013

March 21, 1961

Cancer Info

Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma

August 20, 2010

Stage 2

Grade 2




It attacks and hurts so many...ruins lives without conscience

Stay positive even when you want to give up!

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Mayo Clinic

Keep talking, you are NOT alone

December 31, 2011

None except lung infections

En Bloc, removed spleen and adenal gland

Mitotane for about a year



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